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    Cursos disponibles

    Welcome to this Distance learning course “Population / Poverty / Development”. This course is composed of six instructional modules designed to allow students to learn about: Concepts and variables asociatted with population and poverty, its relation to development measures . This course include the issue of integration of population and development into national policy frameworks.
    Welcome to this Distance learning course “ICPD and Humanitarian Action: Emergency Preparedness / Response and Recovery”. The course has four modules, participants will learn about: how humanitarian settings develop, sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian settings, population and gender status in humanitarian settings.
    Welcome to the Distance Learning on Population Issues (DLPI) course named “Reducing Maternal Deaths: Selecting Priorities/ Tracking Progress”. The course is composed of three modules, participants are expected to learn about: the causes of maternal mortality; the use of indicators to assess progress in reducing maternal deaths and how to target maternal deaths through policies and programmes.
    Welcome to the Distance Learning on Population Issues (DLPI) course. Its name is "Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health". Course 5 is composed of five modules for participants learning about: Issues and problems about sexual and reproductive health of adolescent population as well as Human Rights Approach of Reproductive Health related to adolescents. Also about health programs targetted to adolescents.
    The Distance Learning Course in Population Issues named “Advocacy: Action / Change and Commitment” is composed of three instructional modules.
    The course aims to create more effective and sustained advocacy practices and activities in support of Population and RH programmes by developing a better understanding of advocacy as a concept and as a UNFPA core programme area.
    The Gender Mainstreaming: Taking Action, Getting Results course 3 is one of the Distance Learning on Population Issues programme. The aim of this course is to build an understanding of gender concepts and to provide an overview of key issues regarding gender inequality in the world. Also, to provide the resources and tools to enable participants to mainstream gender issues into policy, programming, and their daily work at UNFPA.
    This Distance Learning in Population Issues course named “Gender Mainstreaming: Taking Action, Getting Results”. The three modules are designed to give the participants an understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic; its impacts and main transmission routes; and the roles played by risk, vulnerability and other drivers in the epidemic. To equip participants with an understanding of the basic communication and counselling skills to address HIV and AIDS issues sensitively, and to increase their capacity for conducting effective advocacy for reproductive health.
    Welcome to a Distance Learning in Population Issues course named “Sexual and Reproductive Health: Background and Key Issues”. Course contents are spread in five modules. The aim of this course is to provide to DLPI participants with the context and background necessary for a broad-based understanding of Sexual and Reproductive health (SRH), and understanding of the strategic linkages within the health and other sectors.